Welcome to

The 22-Inchbmx Official site. 

its 2021, and time to make some moves. coming this year we will plan to get real active on the site and social media channels.

we still plan to move into a podcast, but still waiting to secure a name or two, and if all falls into place as this goes, there will be some other big announcements to follow.

the plan is to get everything together and the kinks worked out and make coming into 2022 the year of the 22"s! 

So close.... 2021 & 2022 will be great! 

we are almost here!

The community has been growing, companies are following! We are hopeful to build a culture, become an international family.

feel free to follow along the adventure. If this site can get you a moment of entertainment or motivatio, job done. 


One Door Closes, another opens! 

As many of you know, Matt Stahl, Nathan Steere, and myself has a great gig testing and repping for Legendary frame builder Dave Harrison And his Pedal Driven Cycles (PDC). The limited run has now come to an end. 

PDC gave us a chance to test out the 22" geometry and help dial in a more street and park friendly frames, as an option to the many trail accomidating frames that are flooding the market. And we are thankful for that opportunity. However, life happens. We wish PDC the best. 

The new plan is to take the final geo we have agreed on and make our own company. More info and preorder info are coming soon!

stout custom bikes! 

Texas company behind other Texas companies! 

Stout bikes is a custom frame, fork, and bar fabricator. He is known for his work in the 22" game by making customs, as well as making frames for Indust bike co, as well as Machine bike co. 


Facebook community group:

A community page set up for discussions, sharing content, selling off old parts/buying new parts to further the 22" Bmx interests.

Share pictures of your rig, videos/pictures of you in action, meet up with other 22" riders in your area, let us know of events near you!

Just show everyone how you have fun! 


The Heckle Bench

Still in the works... slow, but 2022 looks to be our year!
A podcast that will be BMX related. We are aiming to start with a bi-weekly show that will spotlight the 22" Bmx community, we will review classic Bmx company releases, parts, videos, memes.... heckle a little bit with friendly banter.

Interview pro riders about their daily life, on/off Bmx, nutrition, hobbies, and get their take on the the 22" bikes and community.

we plan to air on YouTube, Spotify, Minds.

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